WEBINAR: Energy – Tackling the Price Crisis

Our friends at Plunkett Foundation are running what will be an incredibly useful webinar on the 20th October

Hosted by Plunkett, the webinar will include input from energy saving solutions company Gaeltel, who have worked with Plunkett to do detailed energy surveys of two community businesses.

The session will share their findings and recommendations for minimising energy consumption and making cost savings. It will explore:

· What temperature should your heating/aircon be set to for optimum use?

· Do your chillers/freezers generate enough sales to keep them running?

· Could solar/wind power/heat pumps be of use to make your business more energy self-sufficient?

This kind of proactive short and long term planning will prove essential with the onset of winter and the unknown levels of price increase to come.

FInd out more and register here