The UnFound Roadshow is coming to town

In our first blog of the year, our Chair Jon wrote that

…we’re expecting to see the continued rise of the tech co-op, and possibly even the fintech co-op. As CoTech gathers together tech co-operatives under one umbrella, the size of this part of the sector becomes clear – £10m revenue across 35 co-ops, just one year into its existence.

We’re happy to see that we were close to the mark as the UnFound Roadshow is now touring the UK

A collaboration between Co-operatives UK, Stir to Action and DOT PROJECT, UnFound is for tech founders looking for a different, more socially responsible way to set-up and run platform businesses.

The roadshow is visiting tech hubs and innovation centres from Edinburgh to Plymouth, Swansea to Cambridge and is a free way for tech founders to find out about how platform business can be run for people and planet, as well as profit.

It asks ‘what if the cycle couriers owned Deliveroo’ and ‘what if artists owned the streaming platform?’

If you’re a tech founder and you’ve ever wondered the same, this is for you – find out where and when here and take the first step towards being part of a movement that’s making the digital economy belong to us all.