The Co-operative and Mutual Economy 2023 – new report

Co-operatives UK has launched the Co-operative and Mutual Economy 2023 – the only examination of a combined, comprehensive dataset on the democratic economy.

It reveals – among many other things – that:

  • New-start coops more than twice as likely to survive the first 5 years of business as ‘regular’ businesses
  • The democratic economy is made up of 9,113 independent businesses offering a competitive alternative to traditional stakeholder-owned business – collectively contributing an annual income exceeding £87.9 billion:
  • There are more than 74 million memberships of #coops and mutuals (combined) in the UK – more than the total UK population
  • The number of co-operatives operating in the energy and environment sector has increased by 18.58% over the last 5 years
  • There has been a 62.6% increase in community-owned pubs in the last 5 years.

Check out the full report here