SURVEY: How has your charity or social enterprise been affected by rising energy costs?

Social investors are developing a pilot fund to support charities and social enterprises navigating rising energy costs by improving their energy resilience.

They need your help to make sure the solutions designed are effective and impactful. This includes understanding what you’re experiencing and what you think support should look like.

The cost-of-living crisis has enabled a ‘perfect storm’ for social enterprises, charities and community organisations, as they battle ever-increasing demand for services alongside a decline in fundraising and grants. In fact, 82% of Charity Leaders are concerned about the increased cost of utilities, including energy bills, rent and fuel.

Good Finance are committed to empowering frontline organisations – those seeing the true impact of the crisis – to have their say on the future of financial support for energy resilience and what that should look like.

The survey is open to any charity, social enterprise or community organisation and takes no longer than 7 minutes to complete. 

Results will be collated and shared directly with the social investors that are currently working to build a funding support package that really works for the sector.

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