Race Equality Week

This week, 1-7 February 2021, is Race Equality Week, a week when organisations across the country unite in activity to seriously address race in the workplace.

Race Equality Week, initiated by Race Equality Matters, is a time to turn the feelings we have and the words that have been said into action. Race Equality does matter.

We are a very small team, just four of us. We have seven Trustees. We are keenly aware that we are overwhelmingly a white, and male, organisation. We are taking steps to change this (more later this year) and signing up to Race Equality Week Pledges is part of our commitment to this change.

As a small organisation, we are starting small and our pledge is that, this year, we promise to:

Set a zero tolerance to racism and microaggressions policy, with published, clear consequences for those that do not adhere

We intend to add further pledges next year, if not sooner,  and we are grateful to Race Equality Matters for making this pledge model available to organisations like ours who wish to be the change we wish to see.

Find out more about Race Equality Week here