Message to advisers to co-ops and community businesses

I am writing to introduce myself as the New Business Development Manager at Co-operative & Community Finance. You may be aware that there have been a couple of changes to the team this year and I have been recruited to take over Ian Rothwell’s role as he moves into the Investment Manager position. This follows Ian Taylor’s pending retirement after over 25 years at ICOF and CCF.

My role is to help raise the profile of the organisation, build partnerships and develop finance packages. I have worked as a social and community enterprise adviser for over 10 years prior to taking up this position and bring experience of working with a range of charities and community and co-operative businesses.

As a development worker or adviser in the co-operative/community business sectors I am keen to make contact with you. Firstly to let you know I’m here and secondly to make myself available if you would like to discuss any opportunities to work together in future. CCF has always worked closely with development workers and advisers in the sector and I am eager to maintain these links and promote co-operation. Perhaps you have clients that would benefit from loan finance or need interim finance to support a community share issue or perhaps you have funds that require management through our FCA authorised back office facilities. Perhaps you are considering a bidding opportunity that could benefit from a lending partner? Whatever your circumstances it would be great to talk to you.

CCF has a range of finance options available with loans from£10k – £150k for organisations that are democratically controlled by their members; across a range of community and co-operative sectors. We pride ourselves on quick investment decisions, low loss rates and flexible finance arrangements for your clients.

If you wish to contact me to find out more about my role or a chat please email me at: or call me on 07342 674673.