Join a new generation of co-op & community business advisors

The barefoot programme is a six-month course to support co-operative and community business leaders to use their experience to become advisors and mentors for other businesses that are planning to start or scale. This support will reach a range of different business sectors in the UK co-operative and community business economy.

The next programme starts on 12 September 2023 and workers or community members with two years or more experience are encouraged to apply. See the course outline and further information here.

Over the last few years, despite the explosive interest and investment into worker and community ownership – particularly through foundation and local government responses to economic renewal –  there is still a significant shortfall of advisors. At the same time, the democratic business sector has not taken advantage of the extensive practitioner experience that exists in workers from ethical tech, local food, and the creative industries, and communities leading initiatives to transform high streets, green spaces, and local food systems.

Barefoot is making an impact…‍

●      5 training programmes

●      88 barefoot trainees & graduates

●      35+ barefoot alumni now providing advice across the sector

●      4 new Co-operative Development Bodies created by barefoot alumni

Stir to Action is also looking to extend the partnership with other UK-based infrastructure organisations who are interested in investing in their own practitioner-to-advisor development. Get in touch with our team on