Happy Human Rights Day!

Today, 10th December, is Human Rights Day, a United Nations designated Day.

The date was chosen to honour the UN’s adoption and proclamation, shortly after World War II, on 10 December 1948, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

This was the first global articulation of human rights. Many women were involved in its creation and development, not least Eleanor Roosevelt who was ultimately, posthumously, awarded the United Nations Human Rights Prize.

Human rights are at the foundation of co-ops and co-operative working. They are the original social enterprises, businesses that put people and planet first, recognising that we can trade, thrive and do business with one another, only if we have a healthy environment and society to do that within.

Like the UDHR, co-operatives businesses are based on clearly stated values and principles – read them here These steer our work, guide our decisions and help us do what we’ve set out to – live thrive, and care for others. Movements like FairTrade are closely connected with co-ops, and many co-ops choose to trade in only, or mostly, fairly and ethically traded goods.

We wish all our fellow co-operators a very happy Human Rights Day.