Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – our progress so far

In April 2022, we signed The Diversity Forum’s Manifesto.

When we wrote about this at the time, we said ‘We are sharing this with you not just to demonstrate our commitment to equity, equality, diversity and inclusion but also to ask you to hold us accountable and support us on our journey to get there.

We’ve now created a new page on our website which we will update, so it charts the key steps we take on our journey.

We are grateful to all those who have worked with us on this over the last year, as and we thank those people for their continued support in finding a common path forward.

Key actions taken to date include:

  • We signed the Diversity Forum manifesto in April 2022.
  • We are currently working on the development of our EDI Action Plan for 2023-24 that will fully align our commitments with those outlined in the Diversity Forum manifesto. The action plan will engage all members of our organisation and will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval in April 2023.
  • OurĀ Board has established a formal EDI Sub-committee, whose role includes holding the company to account on EDI and related issues.
  • We discuss EDI regularly at both Board and Staff meetings.

If we want to build a better, fairer world – and we do – all voices need to be included. We know that voices of those marginalised and silenced need not just space to speak but space to be truly heard. When any of us are used to privilege, movement towards equality feels like oppression, and our responses to what is said matter. We’re proud to be on this journey and welcome any feedback you have on our progress so far.