Commercial retrofitting – info for Community Pubs and Shops

A guide intended to provide industry and stakeholders with a common approach to commercial retrofit through the lens of net-zero carbon has been published.

From 2025, every commercial building in the UK will require an energy performance certificate (EPC) which rates its energy efficiency from grade A to G. The government has proposed that all commercial properties being let have a minimum EPC rating of at least ‘B’ by 2030 and is considering a possible interim requirement of level ‘C’ by 2027.

As approximately 70% of the UK’s non-residential building stock was constructed before the year 2000, significant energy efficiency and embodied carbon reductions will be needed to meet these standards.

This article from the UKGBC explores what to think about in useful detail and if this is something you are thinking about, talk to our friends at Retrofit Works – a not-for-profit cooperative offering its services at the lowest possible cost to further their mission, lower energy bills, create healthy homes and achieve Net Zero.