Changing spaces, moving places

After saying goodbye to CCF stalwart Ian Rothwell at the beginning of 2022, and as we move into the new financial year, we’re also saying goodbye to our home of 16 years, our offices in Brunswick Court, Bristol.

We have had 16 happy years at Brunswick Court – as you can see in our photos above – and were delighted to be able to rent the space from an ethical landlord. We are really pleased to have found carbon neutral, sustainable business hub Future Leap, again in Bristol, which we will be using for meetings and regular days of working together.

In some ways, this is a huge change but, like so many organisations, we have found that a 99% shift to working from home has worked really well for us. We’re a core team of four and have always had remote work and regular office days together as part of our employee offer. As a responsible financier, we couldn’t ignore the fact that when we support borrowers, we would encourage them to look at their budget and identify any marginal, flexible or unnecessary expenses – and it felt morally imperative that we practiced what we preach. We have always enjoyed our work together days and really are looking forward to meeting each other, and connecting with other, like minded organisations, in the sustainable space provided by Future Leap.

Operations and FCA Compliance Manager Alain says,

When I first joined CCF in April 2006, I started working part-time at our former office in a building that used to be a bank in Old Street, London. I was living in Bristol, so the plan was always to move the office there and we found a new home and new friends in Brunswick Court, an Ethical Property Company building, full of likeminded organisations and charities. 

It has been a wonderful home over the last 16 years, but the pandemic distanced us from a rigid head office setup as we all settled into home working. When Anne and I spent a week recently clearing out the office, we weighed in 1.175 tonnes of paper from 12 filing cabinets to be securely shredded! Suffice to say we had not looked in those filing cabinets for two years!

I would like to thank our former landlord, EPC for their support over the years and helping with the move. A new era has begun as we move to Futureleap where we look froward to meeting and working with a new set of likeminded people and businesses.  

Our updated contact details are below and our old details will redirect for the first three months.

1-3 Gloucester Road Bristol BS7 8AA    Tel: 0800 464 7262

As we move into our 50th year in 2023, it feels good to have a fresh start, less clutter, and we can’t wait to show you around the co-working space. In the meantime, if you need us, all our contact information is here