Celebrating ICOF 50th birthday – looking back at our loans – Lamarsh Lion

According to local history, there has ben an inn or pub on the site of the The Lamarsh Lion, or “Painters Pub”, since 1305. 

Our history with the pub stretches back to 2017 – not quite 1305 – when we supported the purchase of the pub by a community benefit society through the More Than A Pub programme.

We worked with the society again this year, in 2023, to support further development. With a committee that offers a broad range of skills and experience, The Lamarsh Lion has built up a reputation as a place to eat and drink for families in the local area and has been doing well with events including music, quizzes, family parties and more.

Lamarsh is on the Essex/Sussex border, the pub is well worth a visit if you’re in the area – enjoy!