Celebrating ICOF 50th birthday – looking back at our early loans – Radley Village Shop

One of the key trends we’ve seen in our lending is the move towards democratic, community ownership in shops and pubs.

Community Owned shops paved the way for Community Owned pubs, both of which tend to offer far more than their core business services. We’re thrilled to be part of ensuring villages and other communities keep, and own their vital services.

In the first decade of the 2000s, we lent to Radley Village Shop to help them refit their shop.

Today, the shop stocks a wide range of everyday items, some of which are sourced locally. The team behind the shops pays close attention to wholesale and other retail pricing, to make sure they are as competitive with the large supermarkets as they can be, serving their aim to give their customers value for money in a place that is convenient to them.