Building a New Economy with Stir To Action

We are absolutely thrilled to see the amazing Stir to Action New Economy Programme workshops starting again. 

Following on from a successful first year in 2018/19, which saw workshops run in Bristol, Dorset, London and Oxford, this new academic year sees the workshops extend geographically, to include Newcastle, Bradford, Plymouth and Dorset as well as coming back to Bristol and London. As a Programme Sponsor, we are delighted to see this extension.

The workshop series is tightly focused on building a New Economy. It covers the steps needed to challenge and disrupt current thinking – for example Intersectional Economics, Decolonising Economics and Community Wealth Building – all the way through to How to Get Started, Making Community Leadership Work, Building a Powerful Brand Identity, High Streets as Agents for Economic Change, Resilience and Transforming How We Work Together.

There are also a range of funding opportunities this year, with support coming from Power to Change, Lush and more.

We’ve heard really good things about these workshops from previous attendees, and support them wholeheartedly. We hope you find one that suits you and are able to take advantage of it.