British Food Fortnight with Co-op Finance

British Food Fortnight starts today and runs to the 2nd October. It is an annual celebration of the diverse and delicious food that Britain produces.

British Food is central to many of our borrowers work. We all need to eat, and food is used in ingenious ways by those working to build a better world. Whether that’s a tea room creating jobs for vulnerable people, a return to growing fields of gazing grain and grinding them into flour, or communities coming together to learn and cook – it’s a delicious way to do good.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll share stories from organisations we’ve been pleased to support, with information on how YOU can support them too.

We hope you enjoy the series and that you eat some great British Food this fortnight, and beyond.

If you are a food business, check out the resources for the Fortnight on the website – there are sections for pubs, retailers and more in the right hand Resources dropdown.