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We are a powerful European network that helps low impact fishers get their voices heard and protect our European seas.

In just 5 years, LIFE has become a reference at EU level. The significance of LIFE and the importance of our work is widely recognized by European institutions, and in fisheries policy making circles, our members, scientists and other stakeholders.

But it’s the generosity of our supporters that enables our work to happen. We rely on your support to keep us going. 

By supporting us, you’re investing in the sustainability of our seas. 

You’re helping building the capacity of small-scale fishers as agents of change, to better organize themselves, to engage responsibly in decision taking processes, to engage with scientists in providing management advice, reduce their impact and to improve their livelihoods through a best practice approach.

You’re helping providing a dedicated voice and defending small-scale fishers’ interests at EU level in policy making and decision-making processes.

You’re helping advocating for fair and sustainable fishing policies with the inclusion of small-scale fishers at the centre of policy making in Europe.

You’re helping developing sustainable and fair food systems.

Our Ocean’s Lovers Programme

Give monthly, and you’ll become a part of The Ocean’s Lovers Programme, a passionate community invested in a world where fisheries are managed fairly and sustainably, helping coastal communities thrive and maintaining healthy seas.