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Working for fair fisheries, healthy seas and vibrant communities

Why support us?

Everyday in the European seas, around small-scale 75,000 fishers go at sea without knowing if they will be able to make a living. The EU’s small-scale fishing fleet (SSFF) represents the majority of fishers in Europe, accounts for over 70% of its active fishing vessels and provides 50% of the jobs at sea, and yet they are the ‘forgotten fleet’. 

As always, we believe a bottom-up approach, which brings small-scale fishers from the periphery to the centre of EU fisheries policy making and management processes, building their capacity as actors of change, is essential to driving long-term change. Making this transformation a reality is a massive challenge, and we can’t do it alone. More than ever, we appreciate the support of our donors and partners that make this work possible.

By supporting us, you’re investing in the sustainability of our seas. 

Our Impact


Despite the year’s great disruptions, our mission remains the same. We take a systems approach to understanding the issues facing small-scale low impact fishers, their communities, and the seas they rely on. 

Ways to support us


LIFE depends almost entirely on grants and donations from institutions and individuals. There are a number of ways that an organisation can provide financial support to LIFE.

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Individuals and organisations can also make an immediate donation.

Become a member

Your regular donation enables LIFE to keep going and keep growing. Every cent of your hard earned money amounts to big changes in fishers’ lives, their communities and the sustainability of our European seas.

Our work dependent on the generous support of our Oceans Lovers community.

Source Fish

For consumers, it is important to be mindful of fish and seafood consumption, choose more sustainable species from low impact fishers.

Provenance and traceability are essential. Finding out this information is also a good way to ensure your fish is tastier, fresher and an all-round better quality. 

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