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Why become a member?

Joining LIFE is being part of a community of 10.000 small-scale fishers sharing the same values, goals and challenges and cooperating to ensure a better future of the sector.

In just 5 years, LIFE has become a reference at EU level. The significance of LIFE and the importance of its work is widely recognized by European institutions, and in fisheries policy making circles, its members, scientists and other stakeholders.

By joining us, your organisation will become part of a European network of low impact small-scale fishers and will be supported by a professional team to help you identify new opportunities.

You will get supported to be actively involved in the European decision-making process and will receive constant guidance on the latest’s developments at institutional level, including on policies and funds.

members life ssf
members life ssf

Eligibility & Expectations

We invite you to join LIFE if you:

  • Agree with and support our Declaration & Mission Statement
  • Are enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and resources with fellow members.
  • Identify as a small fishing business, community supported fishery (CSF), dockside market, fishermen-led cooperative, or other similar seafood operation.
  • Support anti-racist, food justice, or food sovereignty activities aimed at strengthening local and regional seafood systems.


As a member you will:

  • Be able to share your story with a wide audience through the promotion of your business via our social media platforms, website, and other public communications, meetings, and events, as appropriate.
  • Access to the LIFE platform community via the internal communications platform.
  • Receive our newsletter.
  • Be able to engage in national and international policy forums.
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